About Us

Hello this is Richard Oberlander. I have always been an instructor and I think 2017 celebrates my 10th year teaching CPR. Over the years, I’ve always struggled with how teaching CPR creates so much waste and how the paperwork always seems to be a mess. I remember when I used to print out paperwork, I would print 2 answer sheets (smaller version- side by side) on recycled evals we would pass out at the end of class. And then the test paper would always get written on despite our explicit instructions on NOT write on the test. But as you can probably guess and know, we still got test back with markings and circled answers that we have to shred them and dispose of them (I got smart and put all the test in laminated pouches so it’s much harder for students to write on).

The paper we tried our best and it’s not a big waste, so I’ve always though this is how things are. But my biggest issue is with the disposable (or supposedly disposal) plastic valveswhere every class we would have to throw away a whole bin full of plastic valves, and when I added it all up, I felt bad about the environemtn. So that’s when we started making the paper tubes as avalves as well as the more eco-friendlyfaceshields.

Now the idea behind CPR Assistant is that we want to help minimize waste, whether it be material resources or time & energy. We want to leverage smart process and technology to help everyone achieve a way of operation where waste is reduced and improve both our wellbeing and the earth’s wellbing.