System Overview

The CPR Assistant CPR training center management software is design to help run 80% of a complete operation.  If any TC, TS, Instructor or admin uses the software, it will allow that person to run with ease and handle everything that's AHA, instructor and student related. The CPR Assistant software has built in class registration, payment gateway, physical and digital inventory management, course sign ups, instructor management, paperwork record keeping, payroll, profit & loss statements, and more to help you do what you need. The goal of the software is to make the student, instructor and admins' life easy.  Let us help!  

Class Scheduling

The CPR Assistant intuitive design allows you to get a snapshot of all the classes that has happened, that's still waiting for verification, that has issues, and that's coming up.

You can filter by the different time frame, by location, by instructor and by course type.  This allows you to easily find the class that requires your attention.

All classes on the CPR Assistant portal has a unique class ID that's allows student, instructor or anyone to refer to that class easily.  Each class also has a unique URL link that allows anyone to use and sign up for class (for situations where someone needs to send a student or a group a link to register for class in an email or message).

To make life easier, all classes has the ability to be set on repeating schedule.  The repeat function can work both by a specific date of the month or a day of the week.

CPR Class process to be done and verified.
For all classes that has ended, CPR Assistant displays the progress of each stage that must be done: Scheduled -> Checked In -> Paperwork Submitted -> Verified & Close
Display of class list
Top of the class page allows admin to easily filter by location, class type, instructor and class status. This allows looking for certain type of class or issues especially easy. Also it will display some key metrics for quick reference.
List of CPR Assistant classes
A list of classes that allows you to see the location, the lead instructor assigned, the number of instructors assigned (# next to instructor name), the number of students against class size.
Adding a class page
An example of what the add class page looks like. Details such as class prices, max students, and duration are all pre-filled based on course data. Admin is further able to set repeat so this step does not have to be done for any recurring classes.

Scheduling Instructor

  • 1 page view of all classes and instructors assigned
  • allows filter of class type, instructors, location, and date range
  • specify both lead instructor vs assistant instructors
  • notates check-in and check-out time stamp
  • allows for internal admin notes as well as sign-up notes
  • pre-fill course duration, pay, pricing, etc
  • automatic calculates instructor pay even if there's overlapping modules (CPR & First Aid)
  • class repeating function

Course Management

  • Add as many additional course type as needed
  • Adjust class price, book price, card cost, and instructor cost as needed
  • Enable and disable course type to prevent accidental creation of class type
  • Auto, time-saving pre-fill of duration, pay, and fees
  • Inventory reminder if eCodes goes below a certain threshold
Edit CPR coure page
CPR Assistant software stores all the repeating values for each class so it makes it easy for admin to create classes.
List of AHA CPR ACLS PALS Courses
This is a list of the available courses. Admin can add or disable courses as needed.

Roster Verification

CPR Assistant helps admin quickly review all compliance check and all key details to close and verify class.
  • Student:Instructor Ratio
  • Student:Equipment Ratio
  • Duration
  • Evaluation Score
  • Evaluation Done
  • Test Score
  • Skills Pass/Fail
Once all is verified and good (based on admin's pre-configured value), it will display GREEN-YES or RED-NO. Admin can update the values to make the class compliant. The verification page will also show the profit earned per class. Finally admin, after all details are verified and corrected, admin can save or submit an email record to other parties (like an AHA Training Site to a Training Center).

Textbook eCodes

Manage your eCodes easily all in one place.  Once you have bought your eCodes for your textbooks, simply add the eCodes to the CPR Assistant portal by doing a CSV excel file upload.  From there, you will be able to track each eCode, each student who has been assigned a code, and send out eCodes by email. Adding codes:  It's as easy as pressing on the "+ Codes" button and selecting the eCode type and upload.  You can only upload 1 type of eTextbook at a time. Email codes: You can email the eCodes to anyone, whether they are already a student or someone who are not registered.  If the user already has signed up for a class, then they are considered a student in CPR Assistant's portal.  CPR Assistant will automatically link the eCode details to the student's profile- Document tab. In the email, the specific instructions will be included on how to retrieve the eTextbook on the AHA website.  CPR Assistant will keep the instructions and process most up to date so you do not have to worry about it. Alert notification: This allows admin to configure the minimum threshold to display alert when eCode quantity gets low.  Each eTextbook type can have a different minimum restock threshold.
Low stock notification for eTextbook
Alert and notify admin of any eCode that needs to be reordered before running out.
eTextbook assignment
This confirms the student has received this unique code, the date, and any additional details pertaining this eTextbook code.
eCode management for AHA
Admin is able to sort and filter the eCodes available or assigned.
Upload AHA eCodes is never been easier using batch CSV upload
Once you have purchased the eCodes, you can upload it here via CSV upload in batches (should be the format you receive them) and save the codes onto the portal for using and tracking.
Send out eCode to student via email
When a student purchase a textbook during class registration or inside his/her own student account, the textbook eCode is automatically sent out. However should admin need to manually send out a eTextbook, admin simply needs to input the student's email and the student will get the code as well as all the needed instructions.

Profit & Loss Report

Figure out in detail the profit and loss 1) on a company level, 2) by each class type, 3) by location, 4) or other sort of filtering.  The CPR Assistant Profit & Loss report is extremely accurate.  Because it will factor in all of your variable cost (card cost, textbook cost, instructor cost per class or per specific instructor), and the income from each class (including discount codes, refunds, etc), admin will be able to get a complete picture of profit and expenses directly on this page.  If a more detailed reporting is needed, a excel export can be generated for a more indepth analysis as well as accounting software import (like Xero or Quickbooks).
Quick P&L report for cpr and first aid training
A quick snapshot of the profit and expenses for the operation based on a specific time range.
Export profit and loss for detail report
A detail export option to enable viewing all the different locations and it's own profit and expenses. This report can also be used to make journal entries in your accounting software.

Payroll Report

Now figuring out payroll and any reimbursement is as easy as a few clicks.  All you need to do is bracket your date range and it will give you a quick breakdown of everyone's pay per location and you can export the full details in excel for a more in-depth analysis or upload to your accounting software like Xero or QBO. Exported Instructor Pay in detail. The CPR Assistant will group all same instructor pay to 1 bill and description for each pay. You will be able to get a detailed class by class transaction list if you need to audit any pay. CPR Assistant Payroll Export
CPR Instructor Payroll Report
Select the date range and CPR Assistant will give you a run down of the classes taught by each instructor. Both admin and instructor can see the list of classes taught & verified in their own account.

Evaluation Report

Evaluations are great for feedback but often times there are so much data that it's hard to review and understand the feedback unless you are the instructor who taught that specific class.  Because student has his/her own individual account, the student can complete the evaluation directly on the phone in class with the data flowing anonymously to the CPR Assistant system.
Instructor management
Instructor Evaluation Report allows admin to see how each instructor is doing, the feedback received, any issue with roster as well as previous notes made in the system.
Location Evaluation
The location evaluation allows admin to review each location and review what types of issues there are, specifically any compliance issues.
Roster Status including Evaluation
While the instructor is teaching a class, the instructor will get real time updates as to payment status, checking-in a student, if an evaluation has been completed (instructors cannot update/edit), as well as notating the cards issued or not.