CPR Assistant™ Infant Universal AED Pads


Infant/Child Set Universal Latex-Free AED Pads for AED Trainers, CPR Training Supplies, Replacement Smart Pads for CPR Manikins and AED Trainer

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Universal AED Pads any Practi-Trainer. A set of AED Trainer pads that include 1x Infant Pads come sealed in a re-closable zippered bag so your students will have a more realistic AED skill session. The semi-adhesive pads do not leave residue and conform perfectly to the manikin’s torso.


  • 1x Infant AED Defibrillator Pads – Replacement practice AED pads that come with Infant AED pads for infant manikins.
  • AED Defibrillator Trainer Pads – Practice AED pads that is perfect for AED training in CPR class.
  • Perfect for Safety Training – AED machines defibrillator trainer pads that can replace any AED pads.
  • Semi-Adhesive Pads – This practice AED Practi-Trainer pads are perfect for Heartsaver training in any CPR class.

IMPORTANT: AED Practi-Trainer pads only come with a quick disconnect connector. It will not plug directly into AED trainer device. Please refer to the picture.



User's Manual

User’s Manual

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