What is CPR Assistant Express Verification™

In the express verification page of the Assistant Record™, not only will you see the roster, instructor card, and student evaluations, there will be a 1-page summary of the class as well as all the verification done automatically for you.

The purpose of the 1-Page Summary Express Verification™ is to
  1. Check for AHA paperwork compliance
  2. Check for AHA class compliance
  3. Quick Summary of Class, Student & Instructor Details
  4. Tallied Result of Student Evaluation
Logic to Check for Paperwork & Class Compliance

Step 1) Upon completion of class, instructors will verify the information saved in the roster (Student Pass/Fail/Absent, Test Score, and Skills Checkoff). CPR Assistant software will ask instructor to input the number of adult & infant manikins used, the number of BVMs used, and the number of AED present.
Step 2) The software will check for the following based on the data stored

Step 3) CPR Assistant will display (Green) or (Red) on each check for compliance.


Note: Admin can update any of the data before a class has been verified and data locked.
Note2: Evaluations can only be completed inside the student account. Instructor nor admin has the ability to log into student account.


The goal of CPR Assistant is not to pass all compliance verification but instead of document and easily display compliance issues so they can be corrected in the future.

Logic for Evaluation Summary

A quick display of score for each question.
If anyone has provided any feedbacks, it is also displayed in PDF.


Note: Unless the student selects disclose identity during evaluation, the identity of the student is not visible to neither the instructor nor admin.
Note2: The student can find a Student Grievance form to submit to American Heart Association, the Training Center, as well as the Training Site directly.